“I’m sorry, the page you’re trying to reach is unavailable . . . ”  followed by frantic refreshing of the website and panic starting to rise.  What do you mean it’s not there?!  Of course it’s there!!!!  There’s a little red circle telling me I have messages!!! I grabbed my laptop and ran to my other computer.  Surely this was a browser issue or maybe I just needed to delete cookies – honestly, what are cookies anyway?!

No such luck.  I wasn’t able to use my Facebook page.  On the brink of the busiest time of year for portraits and my Facebook page portrays me.  DAMN IT!

Then it got better.  I tried to still be productive yesterday and get a little school work done – SURPRISE! – my MUN login would work.  It was met with an error message also.  I had a brief moment of anger, followed by a little hysterical laughter.  What karmic god was playing with me?  Honestly, I felt crippled professionally and now academically.  Thankfully MUN fixed their issue a whole lot faster – my guess is my panic was shared with so many with midterms on their way.  And thank GOD today I awoke to a full functioning Facebook page again – HALLELUJAH!!

So I’ve spent the early morning hours replying to any and all messages that I’ve missed and issuing heart felt apologies.  I was a little heart broken to see my little green icon on Facebook was no longer lit up green for ‘very responsive’.  Thank you Facebook; for getting too big, too quick and making us rely on you so much for business purposes – see the sarcasm there – I’m very thankful to be back online!

Fall Portrait Sessions

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