It was an ordinary Monday.  Vic’s first day back to work after 10 days of vacation time and my first full day of the fall semester.  We were relaxed and ready to get back to our new routines.  I hit the ground running with new courses, determined to stay ahead of the game this semester – it’s so easy to let it slide when completing courses by distance.  I even showed up half an hour early to pick him up from work that evening – having had a super productive day.  Then it happened.  A minor car accident that caused a major disruption (we were hit from behind).  The 11 days to follow have been filled with phone calls, appointments and complete discomfort.

I did not disappear and had all good intentions of following through on my self made schedule of blog posts; but I was sadly not prepared for the unexpected.  I’m finally back in the saddle and have to play a little catch up on editing and school.  I’ll be having office days for the next week (around sessions) in order to get caught up.  I’ve been busy answering all inquiries regarding sessions for the Fall and Holiday seasons.  If you’re even considering it, you’ll want to make contact soon as it’s always my busiest time of year.

A huge thank you to my clients who have been patiently awaiting their images and to those of you who have been checking in on us – much love from us both!

*One of my favourite souvenirs has finally found its home on our newly added ladder shelf – isn’t it the cutest?!*


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