Summer Send Off

It’s quite a love affair we have with Summer.  The glorious hot sunny days and such a rare find.  They’re like the sweet indulgence you hide and nickname your guilty pleasure.  We try to squeeze every ounce of pleasure from each day, scared it will all pass by too quickly.  We play hooky from work because let’s face it, we would rather work sick than miss out on the 28 degrees and clear blue skies.  Firing up the grill; sharing laughs over a frosty ‘grown up only’ beverage; trips to the local park to burn off a little energy or simply stretch out and watch those who are; drives to the beach just to feel the sand between your toes and waves crash along the shoreline; water guns wars, balloon fights and race through the sprinkler; long drives with the windows down as the warm breeze wrecks havoc on your hair; festivals, outdoor concerts and backyard holiday festivities.  All markings of the beautiful, sexy beast that is Summer.  This coming weekend, most will give Summer a proper send off with the last long weekend before school resumes and life gets crazy again.

Although Fall/Autumn may be my #1 favorite season of the year, my absolute love of the beach screams that Summer not end quite yet.  In efforts to celebrate the little time we have left I have decided to offer a little savings on mini sessions!  This savings will ONLY be on the seasonal mini sessions.

So come join me in giving Summer the send off she deserves!!  Fall Mini’s were originally scheduled for October 17th & 18th, but will be offering a limited amount o weekday sessions as well!

*any questions at all can be directed through the contact tab on this page*

Fall Minis

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