Salt Water Tourists

Yesterday I played jail-break as I escaped the couch in favor of a short walk to try and work the kinks out of the ol back.  The fresh air was absolute heaven.  So where do you go when you want to absorb the sunshine and avoid the boring circular trails/walking paths?  Where I can smell the ocean and play tourist is where.

Cape Spear was so warm yesterday, with just the slightest breeze to keep it comfortable.  The smell of salt water hit me as soon as I opened the car door.  Although I’m a island girl, born and bred, it never stops me from closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.  There’s just something about salt water that just causes a body to relax.

We played tourist for an hour, blending in quite easily as we puttered around just enjoying the view (my camera helped us get lost in the crowd.)  It’s sad how we fail to realize how picturesque our beautiful little city is – I’m guilty of this as well!  Here’s a few hidden gems from our afternoon . . .



(He wasn’t feeling the camera . . . )





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