Chocolate . . . Cool Whip . . . Heaven

I’ve been pretty immobile over the last few days.  It’s been a lovely break, but frustrating at times as well.  Almost 20 years ago I injured my lower back.  What was unknown to myself and my parents is the myriad of issues the doctors were about to uncover.

After multiple scans, doctor and specialist visits they had it all sorted, but would have to watch it closely as I grew (I was almost 12; clearly my bones had a lot of growing to do!)  The issues weren’t to the extreme that I couldn’t function on a daily basis, but they were bad enough I was no longer allowed to play in contact sports; would have to stop my advanced swimming immediately and take great care in everyday activities.  For a very active child who lived and breathed the water and varies sports (such as my coveted place on a volleyball team and the spring board in our gym), it was devastating.  Once the growing stopped, I was off to see a surgeon.  To which I was then told he would not proceed with such a surgery on someone of my age.  He continued to tell me that it would get a lot worse before it ever got better, IF it ever got better.  Well needless to say he was my least favorite person that day.  I didn’t know whether to hate the man for telling me I would have to live with limits for the rest of my life or think he was a certified nut case for telling me there was nothing to be done.

11 years later, I’ve yet to reach a decision on that.  But over the last 4 months it has been getting much worse and rather quickly.  Now they’re all scrambling.  I find comfort no where.  So where did I go to seek a little solace?  Chocolate.  Because, let’s face it, it’s like a legalized drug.  It just makes life a little brighter.

So Monday I decided to make the simplest, yet my most favorite childhood dessert; devils food cupcakes with a mountain of cool whip.  Heaven on a plate.

2015-08-25_0003 2015-08-25_0006


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