Sunshine and Bubbles

Today I went to my favorite little grocery store and hobbled around.  I was, for once, in no rush to get in and get out.  I shared smiles with pleasant fellow shoppers and enjoyed small talk with the uber friendly cashier.

Once the few food items were tucked in my fridge I grabbed a blanket, novel by my favorite author and headed to my little slice of heaven.  An afternoon spent reading in my favorite little park just wasn’t something I made time for.  If I caught any sun it was running from one errand, event or obligation to the next.  Never from pure enjoyment.

I won’t lie; I suffered from withdrawals a few times throughout the day and it wasn’t until I received a work related message that I realized how much I needed the break.  So after typing out my reply, I simply switched my phone to silent and stuck it in the side pocket of my purse.  Stretched out on a blanket and soaked up as much vitamin D as my body would allow.

Because what is the point of all this if I never take a moment to enjoy it.  I became so busy living my life that I forgot to live.

Parents can sympathize.  Running from one thing to the next.  Hare-brained, frazzled and solely focused on their child.  Denise is one of those Moms who leads by example.  Who lives a healthy, active lifestyle and instills that in her children.  But one thing Denise and SO many other parents forget?  To capture the moments of their involvement.  Lauren requested Mommy take a turn blowing bubbles.  Which was followed by a “You didn’t get that did you?  This is all about her today.”  Exactly.  And when the little princess grows older and no longer wants Mommy to blow bubbles she’ll have images to look back on.  Images that relay the pure enjoyment between a Mommy and her little girl.


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