It’s the oldest story in the world . . .

“It’s the oldest story in the world.  One day you’re 17 and planning for someday and then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today and then someday is yesterday and this is your life.”

We all did it.  Spent high school, day dreaming and planning for ‘tomorrow’.  Grand plans for your life.  Where you were going, what you were going to do, all of the things you wanted to experience.

Are you living the life you imagined?

Have you gone any of the places you wanted?  Have you experienced any of the things you once dreamed of?

The recent passing of another fellow high school student had me glancing through my year book and searching people on Facebook.  Seeing how their lives have turned out to this point.  Babies, marriages, trips around the world, careers, it was odd seeing the differences in everyone.  People who swore up and down they never wanted children now sat with 4, some studied in various countries – in which they still reside – some are no longer with us.

Some times I feel as though high school was a year ago; other times it feels like a complete other lifetime.

Then I watch the One Tree Hill finale again – because I didn’t watch the series a half dozen times from start to finish – don’t judge!  The show synced up nicely with my age at the time.  It was relate-able and to a certain degree, still is.  Because behind the teenage partying and sexcapades, lay a story of teenagers trying to find themselves.  Stumbling, falling and clawing their way to their dreams.  Friendships getting tried, some surviving, some drifting.  Career aspirations getting fulfilled, some changing, some reigning.  Sound vaguely familiar?  Pretty much the story of most teenagers.

I, myself, have gone a little off course from my original plans.  Not too far, but far enough to forge my own way.  I don’t look back in regret, I simply look back in reflection.  As a way to remember who I was and what I wanted.  Maybe it was a way of shaking me back to where I needed to be.  Either way, this past week or two have been exactly what I have needed.

The past year has gotten away from me, but I’ve managed to get a firm grasp on it again and it is SO liberating to feel THIS at peace again.  To wake up happy; to get through my day so calmly, (although it is still quite busy) and to look at the man next to me and KNOW in my heart of hearts that THIS life, although it may be different than the one I had dreamed of, is OUR life and I wouldn’t trade it for any one of those dreams – because this is my reality and my reality is way better than any dream.

A little something for the fellow, eternal dreamer . . .


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