My Birthday Wish

What would you like for your birthday?  What can we get you for your birthday?  Any idea what Tonya would want for her birthday this year?

Every year, without fail, there’s an onslaught of inquiries into what I would like for my birthday.  When I was a child I was apparently much easier to shop for with my love of books and anything Barbie.

I’m not sure if I’ve become so private that people no longer feel they know me or they’ve just run out of ideas.  Not much has changed though.  I still swoon at the sight of a new book and instead of a love for Barbie, I have a love of Sally Hansen and Jamberry.  Honest.

Vic woke up one morning, simply lay there looking at me with a sly smile on his face.  “We’re going shopping today.  I want to buy you something.”  “Oh really?” I replied not fully awake.  “What are you going to get me?”  “I don’t know.  Whatever you want”

If I had been full awake I totally would’ve come up with a smart remark.  Instead in my sleepy slumber state, I cuddled in and stated I wanted to go to the book store.  I felt him laugh at me and knew he was simultaneously rolling his eyes.  He calls me a nerd ALL the time.  I just laugh and reply “Yes, but you fell in love with this nerd.”

He grumbles about my endless stacks of books and how they’re taking over our apartment and I quip back that his shoes will beat my books to it.  I won though and was spoiled to multiple new novels and a beautiful new purse.

So this year when the questions started, my birthday getting closer, I stated I wanted nothing.  There was honestly nothing I wanted.  Not that I would’ve asked for anything anyway.  Growing up with parents who I knew would do without and who did do without to get me things I liked, I stopped expressing my desire for material anything a long time ago.

Although their financial situation has alter greatly and I’m now engaged and living on my own, I still don’t feel comfortable asking for anything.  Even the smallest of things.  I did, however, request a cake from my favorite little bakery and a bbq at my parents.  I asked my best friend for a batch of cookies (my god they’re delicious) and I asked Vic for a day together with no plans.  He’s still fighting me on that one.  He likes buying me presents and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy getting them, but with our hectic schedules there honestly isn’t anything materialistic I want more than a day with him.

Until this morning.

This morning I sat straightening my hair and thought, ‘I finally have a birthday wish’.  My wish this year is to have a guilt free day eating tasty treats from my favorite bakery and candy store.  I want to enjoy time dedicated solely to my photography.  Time in which I have nothing else on my mind.  Not studying binary code, tortes and contracts, personality traits of an entrepreneur, costing systems or mediators.  Not shoes, schedules or customer service.  Not juggling budgets and time management.  Just me, my 7D, Vic and the open road.

This is a very sincere birthday wish.  A wish I share with all of those who are wondering about presents.  It isn’t a wish built on lack of money or creativity.  It’s a wish built on the love of my fiance and Canon 7D.  It’s a wish that I be allowed the time to capture a little of the summer I hold so dear to my heart as Vic made it the best summer of my life thus far.

This is my birthday wish.

File 2015-06-23, 2 50 01 PM

*Polaroids of last years birthday adventures*

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