Last Call

I’ve professed my love for birthdays and cake.  I’ve reflected on the first three decades of my life and have made goals for the next one.  But I haven’t given you the details, in entirety, of how I’m celebrating my birthday with YOU!

The Promo:

Book your 2015 session by end of day June 27, 2015 and receive 30% off your session fee!  All you need is your date (pending availability) and deposit.  This can be used for any portrait session or wedding that will take place during 2015 – even your holiday session!  Hit the contact tab here and I’ll send along detailed pricing info!

The Giveaway:

Facebook is a tricky place for businesses.  It has a formula they use that goes against business pages sometimes.  Allowing us to reach only a small portion of those who like and follow our pages.

My blog has a counter as well, which allows me to see how many people visit and for which posts so I know I’m reaching more than Facebook lets on.

SO the giveaway will happen when I reach 500 likes on Facebook.  If we reach that number by July 31, 2015 I’ll be giving away two regular priced portrait sessions to two of my amazing followers.

If we don’t reach it by July 31, 2015 I’ll still be giving away one regular priced portrait session.

So make sure you like the page, share the page and tell your friends.  Let’s get the numbers I have on my blog on Facebook too!



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