Have you ever been so overwhelmed that your own thoughts have your mind racing and hands a little shaky?  Me either; until today that is.  It’s been building all week.  The workload for school is enormous, I have sessions I’m pouring over, webinars I’ve registered for, and messages galore making my phone light up like those blinking Christmas tree lights we all experienced growing up.

Did I mention that I work part time too?

I’m used to a busy schedule.  It’s been this hectic, sometimes even more so, for almost two years now.  I’m not masochistic I swear.  A little crazy sometimes, but I’m convinced it’s the overachiever in me.  A side effect of my childhood.

I’ve been told many times recently that I need to take a break.  Naw, I would think, I’m just fine.  Ah no.  I’m starting to see quite clearly that isn’t the case. Two years without a vacation may just be my limit.  As I curled up on my sofa just an hour ago, it’s like something finally caved.  The waves just crashed over and over as my hands shook as I listened to my phone ding along with my laptop.  Emails for midterms (Surprise; 4 in a 24 hour period!), sessions, coffee date, movie date, notifications of assignments and all I can see is the beach.  My mind is lying on a beach where I get zero cell reception and no contact with anyone but the boy next to me and the kind older woman manning the gates.

I took several deep breaths, vented to Vic and popped in my earbuds to a some loud Zac Brown Band.  Funny how music has a way of melting away the tension and stress of a day (or week).  Ranks right under sand between the toes and the sound of waves crashing.  Ahh Summer.

So now that I’ve calmed slightly and have delicious homemade pizza cooked by mine truly I’ll get back to work and stop re-enacting the Snickers commercial.  Here’s a quick peek into what I’m currently working on!

2015-05-26_0001 2015-05-26_0002

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