Pricing is becoming the center of attention for a lot of different artists.  Because that’s what we are; artists.  We create.  Be it a photographer, baker, cook etc.  We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

And it’s common knowledge to some that artists make a tough living.  It’s hard to put a numeric value on your blood, sweat and tears.  Something you’ve spent long periods learning, honing your skills and the money you’ve invested on the tools that allow you to reach the level of your craft in which you currently stand.

But it’s something we have to do.  It’s something we all struggle with constantly.  Going from a hobby to a business is hard.  Extremely hard.  Because we have to fight for just a little slice of the pie.  While trying not to step on the toes of those who are so incredibly talented and have cemented their place in the market.

I’m still struggling for my little place.  And my pricing is just a way of me getting my name out there.  It isn’t meant as an insult to any other artist.  So many of which I admire and follow religiously.  It also isn’t meant to under-value my own work.  The countless hours I’ve spent learning, the money I’ve spent on equipment, software and the love I put into my work.

As a very talented lady said earlier today as people approached her stating they could get the same product from the lady down the street for much cheaper – no you can’t.  Because people with experience build a name and with that name comes a standard of quality that isn’t produced by someone just starting out.  Take from someone who is still working at finding her place, price and niche.  Those ‘big time photographers’ (and other professionals) price based on their quality.  I understand budget conscious, I’m planning a wedding and goodness they’re EXPENSIVE!  But I know sometimes I just have to be willing to pay what’s necessary to get the quality I’m looking for.

So please stop and think for a moment before trying to talk down the price.  We’re willing to work with you, but remember that with quality comes price.  If you want ‘cheap’ (God I hate that word), you can get cheap – but it will BE cheap.

Be fair.



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