Mommy & Me

She’s your biggest cheerleader, supporter and confidant.  She’s your first and most important teacher.  She shows you discipline, respect and teaches you strong morals.  She’ll embarrass you, make you so angry you could spit fire and maybe even cry, but she’s also the one who will wipe your tears, place a cool clothe on your forehead when you’re ill and ensure that you grow up to be the best possible version of yourself.   A woman who’ll give anything just to see you happy and healthy.  A woman who loves you more than anything else in the world.

She’s your Mom.  She has the most challenging and selfless job in the world.

So to honor those Mom’s or the women who have played an equally vital part in shaping who you are, I’m offering a special.

Mommy & Me sessions will be offered from April 19 – 30.  You will get everything a full session offers for less then the price of a mini session!  So grab those special ladies in your life and the little munchkins that give you gray hair and let’s have some fun!

Hit the contact tab now to get details!

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