Turning a Hobby into a Business

A recent soul searching session led to a few pretty raw realizations.  Although I have made the decision to make photography my full time career choice, I have yet to stop treating it as a hobby.  I have instead been focusing all of my attention on my studies and second job.

I’m glad for the time spent pouring over the books and lets face it, I need a steady income to pay for Lucy (my shiny blue Honda Civic) and of course my wedding plans.  But this isn’t how I had envisioned this year unfolding for my photography business.  The problem is, I never really had a solid plan of how I DID want this year to unfold.  Which is a cardinal sin when you have a business background.  So I’ve been plugging away on a rock solid foundation.  Business plan, marketing plan, new products, services and promotions.

I’m a planner by nature.  I carry a to do list for everything which gives Vic quite the chuckle, although he’s finally starting to see the genius behind how I manage things so smoothly!  So while I should be studying for my last final of the semester I’ll be working to finish up the initial planning stages.  Giving my business the rock solid foundation it deserves; putting those years of education to use!

I have been blessed with so many opportunities, one being the upcoming season.  I can’t wait to share in your special moments and have you all be a part of the official rollout of Tonya Roberts Photography!

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