30. What?! When did this happen?!

I’m closing in on the last of my 20s.  Sad, sad time for me!  Vic is having a great time rolling his eyes and laughing every time I bring it up, but seriously – it’s a big deal!  The decade of fun, carefree, stupid mistakes is coming to an end.  Not that I really was that girl, but I feel like I’m now expected to be a big girl!  Which is kind of a good thing considering I’m planning a wedding, will soon be done my degree and may soon start talking family!  I said MAY, don’t go squealing yet!

In anticipation of the big 3-0 we’re heading across the province on a road trip!  Yup finally getting to see this beautiful little province we call home.  I’m also booking up the summer with incredible clients!  Weddings, babies, little ones and big ones.  I’m SO pumped for the season to START already!!

ANDDD in celebration of my turning old I’m offering you guys something . . .


That’s right.  Another promo!  Not quite as good as the last one, but still a great savings!

Any sessions booked between now and my birthday (June 28) will be eligible for 30% off!!

Email now for details!

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