Our Home – Work in Progress!

It’s my sanctuary.  My little bubble away from the crazy ‘real world’.

I’ve been working on making our apartment a place that screams us. A place where we could utilize every nook and cranny.  So far I’ve managed to do that, but it’s still stuck at about 90% done.

Almost two years ago I took the Summer off and got lost in redecorating.  Painting every surface, scrapping old décor and scouring the city from one end to the other in hopes of finding pieces that would fit what I had in mind (it’s HARD!)

Then life happened and it never quite got finished.  We decided it was a shame to let all our work go to waste and started the work on finishing it.  Within the next few weeks as we add finishing touches on everything I’ll finally start sharing our little space.  I’ve been asked to post photos, but just hate to until it’s complete.  Here’s a little peek at one corner (forgive the empty frame!!)



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