Word to My Family & Friends

I really should be studying, but I just can’t concentrate on aggregate functions when my mind is on SPRING BREAK!  Well my Spring break anyway.  27 glorious days with no school work.

I’m honestly like a child waiting for Santa.  I have a countdown on my phone that I check daily . . . sometimes several times a day!  Currently sitting at 7 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes!

The purpose of this post wasn’t to share my excitement that this dreadful semester is almost over, it’s to give my friends and family a heads up on something.  I’m normally conservative on taking photos, treading carefully as I don’t want to cross a line of privacy etc.  I’m a pretty private person, although some tend to think I share a lot on social media (it really isn’t a lot!) and tend to want to respect others privacy as well.  I miss out on capturing moments I’d really love to capture.  I’ll see a sweet lighting opportunity, a shy smile, kids so engrossed in something they love and just want to snap away.

So what’s the heads up?  I’ll be shooting everything.  It’s safe to say if I’m there I’ll me taking photos.  Events, dinners, gab sessions – anything goes!!

And you’ll let me.  You may laugh, roll your eyes and think “Jesus does she ever stop” or even ” Ugh I’m not dressed for this today!” and that’s all fine.  You’ll let me because I love it, I love you and you love me (and will tolerate me!)

On another slightly different note; we got to drop by and see our little nephew play hockey this weekend.  It’s incredible how much better he seems to get every time we see him.  And yes I’m a little biased, but he’s such a strong little skater and fast too!  He played defensive in this game and played it so well!  Super proud Aunt & Uncle!








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