Calling Mini Models!!

I love portrait photography, but more so I love lifestyle photography.  The realness in my clients simply being who they are.

And I have several sessions booked allowing me to do just that.


Sometimes girls just wanna have fun!  Yes I’m a child of the 80s.  One who adored Cyndi Lauper – don’t judge!

So what I’m looking for are people who will let me branch out a little from general portraits.  People who are up for a little fun.

What models I’m looking for:

2 new babies.  One can be arriving soon (end of March or even April) and one who will be born this Summer (end of June to the end of August).

2 toddlers under the age of three.

2 Mommies-to-be.  One for a pregnancy reveal and one for a gender reveal.

What’s the catch right?  There isn’t one!

You supply the time; I supply the talent.  You will get your images to print and use as you wish and I’ll get the images to use for marketing purposes – solely for my own personal business use.

Fit the bill?  Comment below or hit the contact tab and we can discuss details of what I have in mind.  This is strictly first come first serve!

6 thoughts on “Calling Mini Models!!

  1. Jennifer Lambert says:

    I’m wondering if your looking for girls only? A family member just called me and told me to enter my son (20mths old)

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