What a week!  This past week seen me through the last round of midterms (the business faculty loves handing around exams!), multiple papers, quizzes and even a couple of essays.  It was a tad busy to say the least!

But the great thing about studying business?  I get to incorporate my own!  Not only have I been following and studying with photographers, but I also get to learn about the business side of things.  The current dilemma?  Trying to decide on a focus area for my degree.  I already have a background in Human Resources, which I thought would leave me to study Marketing as I dearly, dearly love it!  But then I discovered that Memorial offers a focus area in small business and entrepreneurship.

It may seem that the logical choice be small business as that’s what I’m doing, but being the ‘go big or go home’ person I am, I’m trying to do both!  Making sure I have all of the requirements is a pain in the behind, but totally worth it I think!

Throughout my busy week I’ve been planning out the year ahead.  Not just wedding things (though I am slightly obsessed with all things wedding!), but sessions and the blog as well.  I will be looking to you guys to play model for a few of those ideas.  Information will be released in the near future and you’ll want to keep watching because these model calls will be for complementary sessions.  They will be extremely limited in space and will come with images for you to print and images for me to use for marketing purposes.  No catches!  No charge!  Just me wanting to branch out a little with no cost to you, but your time!

Now off I go to try and finish up the last of the semesters work and start prepping for finals.  I’m so easily distracted – it’s terrible!

More photos will be hitting the blog in the coming days a long with tidbits regarding some freebies!


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