Saying good bye is sometimes just as important as saying hello.  The end just as important as the beginning.

They both bring with it so many possibilities.

A time to close the door on the things that didn’t work.  Things that no longer serve your life, adding to it nothing positive.  A time to let go of the anguish and hurt, the fear or  heartache.  A time to open yourself up to trying something new.  Trying new things, maybe returning to things that you once loved.  The things that once made you who you are.  A time to take a deep breath and start over.

I have an obsession with sunrises and sunsets.  For these very reasons.

The beauty, the symbolism, the opportunity.  It never seizes to make me pause.  To stop the craziness just for a few minutes.  To think about things; I mean really think about them.  Or sometimes to stop thinking so damn much.  To just sit and enjoy the pure beauty of colors as it stretches across the sky.

Don’t get too caught up in life that you miss enjoying it.  For we can’t get back what’s gone and we’re not promised tomorrow.









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