Meet Davina

Pam and I used to work together, in what seems like another lifetime.  I still remember the day she told me she was pregnant.  It wasn’t quite in the plans at that point as she was starting to plan her wedding to David.  A man she was head over heels for.  The excitement mounted regardless.

They say the best things in life aren’t planned – Davina proves that to be true.

We had been looking forward to our session for weeks and weeks.  A session to celebrate the first birthday of their little princess.  And we woke to rain – an honest to goodness downpour.

The disappointment was evident in Pam’s messages.  And not something I found easy to see.  So after two back to back midterms, I grabbed my camera bag and went to her house.  We waited.  And waited.  Then dodged the rain drops.  Truly.

We managed to catch a slight break in Mother Natures temper tantrum, grabbed some blankets and ran for the backyard.

When clients are up for adventure – we can make a little magic!







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