Ballerina by day; bass player by . . . afternoon?

She stole my heart at just barely 3 years old.  Gailene is such a talented, beautiful young girl.  And yes, I’m extremely biased, but this time honest as well!

She loves to dance; stays on top of current fashion; plays bass guitar like her dad; loves make up like her mom and puts us all to shame with her artistic abilities which stretches far beyond the canvas.  She’s a walking art machine.  Honest!

This child (who stands taller than I!) continues to make me the proudest Aunt at every turn.  Not just because of her accomplishments, but for her passion and willingness to go out on the edge to attempt so many different things.  She’s so mutli-faceted; talented and down right determined.

She’s awesome.

But this Aunt will stop showing her peacock feathers because I assure you I could go on for days.  Instead I’ll share a little of our afternoon for last year’s dance recital.  Where this kid humoured myself and her mom parading around in costumes in cool damp weather.

She was embarrassed and cold, but loved us enough to play model.  Thankfully this year’s recital is in June!



2015-02-25_0005 2015-02-25_0006







2015-02-25_0003 2015-02-25_0004

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