Lent.  A time for recognizing where you’ve gone wrong; owning your mistakes and refocusing on where you want to go.

I was born into the Catholic religion.  Was raised with Friday service in school and Sunday service outside of school.  Religious occasions and holidays were all recognized and celebrated.

Until the bottom fell out of things – morally speaking.

The issues that have surfaced in the past have disappointed me; most people who recognize the same things I do have or possibly still feel the same.  But it never really shook my faith.

The things I have been taught; that I have chosen to believe are just human aspects.  Treating others with respect and bestowing no judgement – my two favorite.

I was raised by parents who weren’t so much into our mixed religions, but were both believers in instilling strong morals and I’m ok with that.  It gave me a chance to grow and respect, celebrate and recognize my religion any way I saw fit.

But this post isn’t about my stance on religion.  It’s about recognizing the things in my life that I don’t like.  It’s about seeing in myself things I don’t want to see.

These weren’t brought about by the holiday – that was pure coincidence.  They were brought about by a very immature, petty couple of days on Facebook.  Days I found myself defending what I believe in because others kept putting it down.  I had flashbacks to grade school.  When this extremely quiet girl who got along with everyone only came out of her shell to defend what she believed to be right.  She was fierce and passionate about things that mattered to her.

Facebook doesn’t matter.

Originally it was fun.  Connecting with those who you’ve lost touch with, keeping up with those who are away through messages and photos.  But it’s dying a slow death.  Sure to go the way of msn messenger and ICQ.  A lot of people have given up altogether, some follow along and stay, some follow along and post occasionally – the good things in their lives and others moan and groan their way through.  There’s no real fun in it.  Just a whole lot of negativity and false fronts.

At 29 years old I don’t want to play the same games I did at 15,19 or 22 even.  I have wonderful technological advancements in the form of Instagram, Pinterest, email, text messaging and of course WordPress.  These things will allow me to continue on towards my goals without the drama that has encompassed my Facebook Feed.

I want to stop getting sucked into such things and refocus my energy on my family, friends, education, career and enjoying all of those things.  I’m not saying you should follow suit; that isn’t what this post is about either.  It’s about me; recognizing that MY Facebook isn’t a good fit for me – for what I want to be spending my time on.

I may be giving up on Facebook, but I still want to take the good things from it.  I want to stay in touch and stay present in the lives of those in my life – but I want to do it in a more positive way.  I want to focus my energy on the future.

So my personal Facebook hasn’t been touched in a few days and won’t be for at least another 6 weeks.  I don’t have the app on my phone or tablet and therefore will not see any comments, tags or messages.  But there are still ways to get in contact!  My business page on Facebook is still active and linked to my phone.  There’s Instagram which I’m on daily.  Texting is always best for those who have the number, but there’s also email which is listed under my Facebook page and the contact tab on here!  And don’t forget you can leave comments here as well!

So I hope you don’t lose touch.  I hope you continue to check in on the blog and text away.  I’m off to enjoy a little down time – it’s amazing how much time social media takes up!

PS – the blog posts will normally contain photos; ones like today will be very rare!


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