Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Or Love Day as I normally call it.

The day was getting quite a bitter wrap and vocally protested on social media Saturday.  It was just like a flash back to grade school.  When we were all trying to figure out how we really felt about things, forming our own opinions etc.  But who knew as an adult we’d still feel the need to criticize something someone else loved and enjoyed?  Not my scene.  So when I found myself defending the day, I knew myself and Facebook needed a break – but that’s for another post.

Today is about love.

Today is about the man who never believed in Valentine’s Day crossing over to humour his soon to be wife.  He did extremely well.  Waking me up at the crack of dawn (brave man!) with the biggest smile on his face as he waves a bouquet of the most gorgeous roses around.

So although we kiss daily, love each other always and surprise each other often – it was a great excuse for a little extra mushiness!

Thanks babe; for giving me a day filled with love, laughs and so many memories!



2015-02-15_0004 2015-02-15_0001



2015-02-15_0003 2015-02-15_0007 2015-02-15_0005

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