Times They Are A’changing!

Things are changing here; just a little.

Social media, more specifically Facebook, has been changing in regards to business pages.  It isn’t allowing us to reach our entire client base, just a small percentage.  BOO right?!

To combat this restriction, I’ll be posting here – 5 DAYS A WEEK!  That’s right; Monday thru Friday there will be posts (starting tomorrow!).  It’s officially part of my weekly routine; written in my holy grail of planners – Kate Spade just makes organization so pretty!

The content of the posts will be a mixture of sessions and my own little personal scrapbook.  I’m a tad behind in blogging sessions – bad I know – and I’m SO excited to share with you our wedding process as we start to book and piece together our wedding!

I do hope you guys continue to follow me through the blog as I love chatting with you and sharing your images.  We also have a lot of things planned for 2015 and I’d love to get your take on them as we progress.  We all love comments so be sure to leave a little love behind when you visit!


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