It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with my beautiful engagement ring.  My sparkle.  It could be because of what it symbolizes, the fact it’s absolutely beautiful or even due to the fact I’ve waited for almost a decade to see it on my finger!  But I think it’s simply because I get to marry my best friend.

Vic simply isn’t my fiancé.  Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamed of a man who would love me as he does.  We make each other better.  We actually like each other, support each other and care for each other – all the time.  It’s hard to find someone who you actually like enough to live with day in and day out indefinitely.  Someone who shares the good, bad and ugly with you; who makes you laugh every single day; will kiss you ALL the time even when they’re frustrated with you; who respects you as a person and treats you as their equal.  Someone who shares in the disbelief of how lucky they are to have found something so absolutely amazing.

Yes.  Sometimes I actually feel like I’m living a dream.  Then life happens and it reminds me that this really is my reality.  I’ve really created a life that’s this incredible.  Now don’t mistake my bragging for perfection.  Our life certainly isn’t perfect.  Whose is?  Although it may not be perfect, we love it.  Are there things we would change?  Sure, and we continue to grow as both individuals and a couple.  But we love our life.  We pause often and actually say to each other “Our life is pretty awesome, isn’t it?”  Because it is.  We’re healthy, happy, constantly dreaming and growing – we thrive off each other.

So when I look down at my sparkle I don’t just see how pretty it is (although it is that!) I’m reminded of just how blessed I am to have found someone that gives me so much – and I get to marry him!

And so this weekend, when I was treated to a pretty new little piece of glass (Canon style!) it gave me the perfect subject for a test drive!


2015-01-26_0003 2015-01-26_0005 2015-01-26_0004 2015-01-26_0006


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