Meet Ty

He’s a boy’s boy.  Craved the outdoors; the dirtier hands and clothes the better; if Marvel created it – he loved it.  His toy chest shows the largest collection of hot wheels I’ve ever seen (I’ve seen a lot!), various costume pieces belong to the mini Spider-man, Capitan America and other superheroes that this girly girl can’t name.  There’s been the entire Thomas the Tank entourage; several Tonka construction pieces that seen just as much dirt as its life size counter part and enough sport equipment to play all major sport.

His favorite – hockey.

He started playing as a toddler.  Honest.  With his little neighbourhood friends; they played street hockey as only little 3 foot people can.  But now he’s hooked.  And he’s really good!  I know I may be biased, he is my awesome little nephew, but he really IS good!

Sadly I don’t get to see him play as often as I’d like, but here’s a glimpse of the next generation Crosby! 😉




And his very first penalty!



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