It’s All In Perspective . . .

On this day, just one year ago, I sat in a doctors office to hear that the cancer we thought had been removed may have actually spread.

It was by far thee darkest day of my life.

But today; on the anniversary, I instead received incredible news.

A young woman who had recently received her own diagnosis was just given the all clear.  As anyone who has dealt with a similar situation can attest to, there is no better news.  No better words to hear then “We got it all”, “It’s all clear”, “We’re all good!” . . .

I couldn’t be more happy at this moment then if I had heard the news myself.

So a date that was no more then an ugly reminder of the dreaded words uttered by a doctor last December is now a date to be remembered.  A date to be celebrated.

Although sometimes I grumble at life and it’s nuisances, I’m always ever so grateful my life.  For my fiance, family, friends and our fantastic medical professionals.  Who have not only given myself, but SO many of my family members the chance to keep on grumbling.

So as you approach this holiday season; stop for a moment and shift your focus from getting your hands on the newest toy, hottest electronic item and the best deals and appreciate what’s all around you.  Because as you throw a temper tantrum in a store over not getting that most wanted item, there are people out there wishing they could go home for Christmas.  Instead they are staring at hospital walls; trying to dodge landmines; saying their goodbyes to a loved one or praying they live to see Christmas Day.

Be thankful, be humble and always be gracious.

Now go celebrate, if for no other reason then you can.  Because someone, somewhere is wishing they could.


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