A Simple Request

So this is not from personal experience, but from gross observation.

Why is it today people feel the need to put others down?  To belittle their dreams and ambitions.  To avoid showing support for others due to the support they show another (when did we start the ‘if I’m his friend, I can’t be yours’?).

It’s craziness.

We all have hopes and dreams.  Ambitions, passions, loves and guilty pleasures.  We all have a style of our own, in everything we do.  From the clothes we wear, television shows we watch, art we like, hobbies ad interests we have – it’s what makes life interesting.

So why do people do it?

There’s no need to talk down to someone.  To criticize, insult or bully.  We’re here to live and let live.  We have no right to judge others choices.  You are not a judge, nor part of a jury.  You are simply another person, trudging through this thing we call life – trying to make the best of it.

So, as one human to another, I ask that you not be fake.  That you not lie, criticize or insult my choices for I do not and will not do it to you.  I ask that if you like my work, follow me.  Hit the like button, leave a comment, send a message and continue to book me to capture the precious moments in your life.  Not because I’m giving away something for free, but because you support me in living my dream; because you genuinely like my work; because I will not hold it against it that you also like a dozen other photographers – I actually commend you for having a diverse taste! – because you realize, as well as I do, that I am not to the level of an established photographer, but I’m getting there.

I do hope you choose to follow along.  As I share with you sessions and personal photography; personal events; wedding planning; my educational experience and the progress as I learn and grow as a photographer.

Why would I choose to share personal posts on a business page?

Because on the advice of a very established, very talented and very successful photographer; we should not only share success stories of sessions, but information that allow current and potential clients to get to know us on a personal level.  So that they know more then our favorite television show and weakness for chocolate.  So that they can trust us as we hold their whole world in our arms as we pose their brand new baby in order to capture his or her first days in the world.

It’s not simply a place for me to vent, but a place I can share with you, a part of me.

So like me or don’t, either is ok – I’m not for everyone.  Just play nice.  To me and others – if you like what you see – let me know! 🙂


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