New Things Are Coming

So the big day is fast approaching.

Three more days to the beginning of the next chapter.

I will be bringing forth a lot of changes; most coming into effect as of Wednesday, October 22, 1014.  These will include new client contracts, print releases, welcome packages, a digital download alternative – just to name a few.  I’m extremely excited to start shifting into full-time photography.  But in saying this, there will be a structured schedule.  Business hours, study hours, session hours etc.  Like most businesses; I won’t be available to you 24 hours a day.  This doesn’t mean you will have to wait days for me to reply to your emails or messages.  Just that I will have a structured work flow with certain hours dedicated to certain things.  This is to ensure that I stay organized.  That I get your sessions edited and prepared in a timely manner and that I am able to stay on top of my school work as well.

I love structure.  A little too much . . .

I remember, over 4 years ago, struggling with this one particular thing at school (no, this is not my first time attending post secondary!).  We were asked to prepare our biggest strength and weakness, one that would be suitable to discuss in an interview.  I was unsure at the time if what I considered my biggest weakness would be appropriate for such an event.  The office manager at school assured me it was.

You see, I’m obsessively organized.  I live by a planner – two actually.  My cereal cupboard is lined by size, my shoes are all organized in clear plastic shoe boxes, my closest has clothes all hanging in the same direction on identical hangers and I have one mean filing system for any and all paperwork that comes into our lives – from receipts to tax papers.

So for me to make this crazy schedule work – I will have to be extremely organized.  Because as I stated that day 4 years ago – my biggest weakness is my inability to function in a disorganized environment (it gives me major anxiety!).

So on Wednesday, you will get a look inside at all that I have in store for us going forward – stay tuned!


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