No More Mini

Although mini sessions seem to be all the rave lately; I can honestly say they’re not a favorite of mine.

Now I know, as a photographer, this is probably going to be seen a serious faux pas.  But I can’t in all honesty keep practicing something that isn’t me.  I want my sessions to be an experience; one that my clients would love to repeat.  A full session is not timed.  There’s chatting, jokes, lots of giggling with little ones and laughs with the grown ups.  There’s time for creativity, relaxation and sincerity.  I want to capture you; all that you are; in this moment.

I do not want to be watching the clock (which I never do by the way!) nor do I want my clients to be watching theirs.

For these reasons, I will no longer be offering mini sessions.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing different specials for the holidays; they just won’t be mini sessions.  I never want you to feel rushed nor do I want to feel rushed in capturing all the images, feelings, emotions and features that we discussed prior to and even during your session – yes I can roll with any idea you toss my way!

I do hope you enjoy your experience with me and understand why I have come to this decision.  I look forward to making your session everything you deserve it to be.


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