One Door Closes

Meet Gailene.

My not-so-little niece.  At 11 she’s already taller then I am and still growing like a weed!

It seems as though I blinked and she has transformed from a spunky little toddler who loved to play dress up in anything with glitter and frills into this beautiful preteen who still adores fashion, but in a much serious manner; when the style is out – it’s out!

This past June seen her close the door on elementary school.  On the days of recess and playground time.  The days of innocent Barbie play and My Little Pony.

This week brings her opening the door on junior high school.  A time for friendship; a time for chances; a time to learn; a time to dream and a time to discover who she is.

I look forward to witnessing her journey through self discovery and will try not to blink too long in fear of missing it!!


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Hi! I'm a professional portrait photographer and lifestyle blogger from a small little city on the east coast of Canada.

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